The bathroom is where most falls occur for older people, especially those with a condition such as Parkinson's disease (PD). Some of the hazards in the bathroom include difficulty in getting off of the toilet, getting in or out of the bathtub, general poor visibility due to inadequate lighting and tripping on rugs.

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To help keep your loved one safe in the bathroom, we recommend that you consider having some of the following items on hand:

  • Shower stool or chair: This is extremely helpful for having your loved one sit down in the shower. This helpful product also can be used if she gets dizzy when standing at the sink. See our Shower Chair With Arms:

    Shower Chair With Arms
  • Elevated toilet seat: Getting off the toilet can be difficult for the PD patient as it requires strength in the legs. An elevated toilet seat is a huge help for getting up safely. Try our Millennia Raised Toilet Seat With Arms:

    Millennia Raised Toilet Seat With Arms
  • Grab bars: These types of bars can attach to the tub wall or shower or on a wall near the toilet. This is the perfect safe hand hold as your loved one gets in and out of the tub, or on and off the toilet. Try our No Drill Stainless Steel Peened Grab Bars:

    No Drill Stainless Steel Peened Grab Bars

Try these convenient products for your loved one with PD, and keep them safe in the bathroom.