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Posey Leg Skinsleeves
Posey Leg Skinsleeves

Posey Leg Skinsleeves - Discontinued

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For fragile or sensitive skin that may bruise or tear easily.
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The Posey Leg Skinsleeves are a pair of soft leg coverings designed to provide comfortable skin protection. Caregivers will find these protective sleeves helpful for users with fragile or sensitive skin that may bruise or tear easily.

Posey Leg Sleeves are made of 95% soft cotton and 5% Lycra, a special stretchy fabric that is soft and breathable. The sleeves are available in Light skin tone, Dark skin tone, or Padded Light skin tone. Posey Leg Skinsleeves protectors are intended to fit as a comfort product. The actual fit will depend on individual anthropometric measurements and patient comfort level. Posey regular SkinSleeves protectors will stretch up to 100% in size (combination of both width and length). These non-compression skin coverings provide a protective, comfortable fit for thin fragile skin. The soft, knitted yarn is a special blend of cotton/nylon/spandex/Chitosan rayon. Chitosanis a naturally occurring organic, moisture-absorbing rayon fiber that offers anti-microbial properties. This antimicrobial agent protects the material against the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds, including odor-causing bacteria.

The Posey Padded Leg Skinsleeves have a thicker pile inside to provide additional comfort and protection. Please note that these have limited stretchability compared to the regular skin sleeves. Posey Leg Skinsleeves are sold in pairs.

Non returnable if packaging is opened.

PDFPosey Skinsleeves Instructions

Posey Leg Skinsleeves Specifications:

  • Length: 13.5 inches.
  • Includes: One pair per package.
  • Material: 95% soft cotton, 5% Lycra yarn. Latex free.
  • Care: Machine wash and dry low temperature, and for best results, hang dry.
  • Choose: Light colored flesh tone, Dark colored tone, Padded Light tone.

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