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Heelift Petite Convoluted Suspension Boot - Discontinued
Petite Heelift Suspension Boot is designed to relieve heel pressure.

Heelift Petite Convoluted Suspension Boot - Discontinued

Soft foam offloading heel boot aids in preventing heel pressure ulcers in children.

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  • Shorter length proximal to the heel for smaller users
  • Easy-on, easy-off rounded straps and D-ring closures
  • Smooth or Convoluted foam

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The Heelift® Petite Suspension Boot is indicated for pediatric patients or for patients who are smaller than what is considered the average size for an adult. Caregivers will find these soft foam boots easy to put on and take off.

Children, just like adults, are at risk for heel pressure ulcers if they are stationary for long periods of time due to health conditions or multi-hour surgery. This heel and foot positioning aid is designed eliminate pressure by lifting the heel with an elevation pad and suspending it in a protective space. Made of thick, open-cell foam, the boot has padded Velcro® straps that allow the caregiver to easily adjust and secure the boot. To accommodate short patients, the length of Heelift Petite is shorter than Heelift Standard. Located along the top rim, the added stitching narrows the forefoot and increases support to provide improved protection against foot drop, equines deformity, or heel cord contracture. Unlike other suspension products, which can have sharp edges on the back that can rub against the patient's other leg, Heelift is manufactured with a smooth tricot backing that aids in patient mobility and helps ensure patient safety. Ventilation holes provide additional air circulation to promote increased patient comfort.

The Heelift® Petite works best for patients ranging in height from 3 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 4 inches, and whose calf circumferences measure 6 to 10 inches. The boot is available in Smooth Foam for sensitive skin or edematous legs, or in Eggcrate Foam for a slightly cooler boot. The boot is universal for the right or left. The Heelift Petite Suspension Boot, together with turning and careful monitoring of the skin, can aid in preventing heel pressure ulcers.

Heelift Suspension Boot Instructions

Petite Heelift Suspension Boot Specifications:

  • Fits calf circumferences: 6 to 10 inches.
  • Fits patients ranging in height: 3 ft 10 inches to 5 ft 4 inches.
  • Fits users weighing: 70 to 130 lbs.
  • Choose: Smooth or Convoluted (Eggcrate) foam.
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