Writing Aids for people with Parkinsons include weights for pens, pencils, weighted holders, large grip pens.

Writing Aids

People with Parkinson's may find these writing aids and writing tips helpful. Using large print, rather than script writing, is often easier for people with Parkinson. Weighted pens or pencils may help stabilize a shaky hand. For additional grip, wrap black electrical tape, or use foam handles around the barrel of the pen or pencil. Other suggestions are to use magic markers and large tablet on an easel. If you have difficulty using writing utensils, try typing notes or letters on a computer or typewriter.
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Includes 6 colorful weights that provide sensory motor feedback for writing.
Build up handles on eating utensils, toothbrushes, pens, pencils, tools and other hard to grasp items.
Helps to balance, guide and stabilize the hand for improved handwriting.
Adult Weighted Universal Standard Holder provides added weight for those having difficulty writing due to tremors, ataxia, or shaking.
Weighted holder with vinyl grip, can be used with pens, pencils markers, paintbrushes, crayons, items that measure 1/8 in to 7/16 inch diameter.
Black ink refills for the Steady Write Pen
Therapeutic weighted writing aid helps improve control for users with hand tremors.
$20.95 $18.95
Helps improve handwriting legibility by reducing hand tremors
Fingerless design allows for maximum finger and wrist flexibility.
$19.95 $18.95
Helpful for all ages with various reading challenges due to low-vision, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, those who struggle with focus, tracking, comprehension and retention.
Innovative and attractive way to compensate for difficulties with page stabilization
Adjustable strap secures weight on top of the hand for increasing hand and wrist stability.
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