Caregiver products that help you transfer, move or walk with a person with Parkinson's.

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids that help people with Parkinson's get up or stand including the couch and bed cane, bed rail, transfer handle and gait belt. Other useful items for people with Parkinson's include wheelchair backpacks, bags, pouches and personal alarms for safety.

Disabilities can interfere with daily living activities. Physical limitations make mobility more difficult for people with Parkinson's. Many assistive mobility products, gadgets, tools, aids, and devices can make getting up or standing up easier for people with Parkinson's.
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Tension mounted floor to ceiling transfer pole with hand grips provides stable support for transfers in small spaces.
For people who need assistance rising from their existing furniture.
Stable handle for standing from a couch or chair.
Helpful support strap makes car transfer easier for caregivers
Rotating pivot disk provides a smooth, controlled motion that makes the user feel secure.
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Bright red laser provides a safe, obstacle-free visual walking cue for people with Parkinson's.
Helps people to get in and out their car more easily.
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Helpful support handle makes getting in and out of a car easier.
Durable fabric slide helps make getting in and out of a car seat easier.
3 inch high platform helps make standing from a recliner or chair easier.
Personal fall monitor alerts caregivers when their loved one is at risk for a fall, alternative to a restraint.
Unique frame and extra-wide wheelbase help prevent falls for users with neurological conditions.
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