Caregiver Products that help make bathing and personal hygiene a little easier for people with Parkinson's.

Bathing & Grooming

Although it is difficult to talk about limitations in the bathroom, being honest and open about them is the first step toward regaining independence for people with Parkinson's. Once specific needs are clearly identified, you can probably find Parkinson's products that will make it possible to maintain your privacy in the bathroom. Sometimes all that is needed is a stable support rail or grab bar. Our bathing aids can help make bathing, washing, shampooing, or cleansing you or your loved one with Parkinson's easier.

Caregiver bathing aids for people with Parkinson's including bath and shower chairs, seats and benches, waterless shampoo, body wash, elevated toilet seat and other personal hygiene aids.
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Long handle body washer and massager, lightweight and balanced design
Long handle hair washing aid allows users to easily shampoo hair and massage scalp.
Disposable razor holder with added weight and easy to secure strap, for unsteady hands.
Designed for bathing, toileting and other environments where grab bars are found.
Easily folds down to provide a comfortable place to sit when showering.
Spa inspired wooden shower seat.
Weighted handle designed to hold a toothbrush or disposable razor.
Tub transfer bench with back and arms, for those who have difficulty entering or exiting the tub safely.
Easy to install connector that converts a tub spout to a shower.
Long handles help make brushing, combing hair easier.
Comfortable user friendly hair shampoo alternative, no water needed.
Package of 12 waterless bathing gloves, leaves skin fresh, clean, odor free - without water.
Case of soft gloves with rinse-free hair shampoo, for waterless hair care.
Waterless bathing gloves help caregivers provide easier skin care.
Bath sponge on long handle holds soap for bathing.
Curved handle, round or contoured sponge with large handle grip helps make bathing easier.
Angled, long handle hair comb extends users reach
Helps users with limited shoulder movement reach & brush hair
ADA approved, wall mount, extra wide, spa inspired wooden shower seat provides a convenient place for users who fatigue easily to comfortably sit while showering.
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