Non Skid Dinnerware Dishes provide added stability and prevent movement on a table or tray.

Non Skid Dinnerware Dishes

Non Skid Dinnerware Dishes assist individuals who need added stability due to decreased dexterity to eat independently with dignity. These dishes with unique designs and suction bases or non-slip bottoms provide helpful solutions for self-feeding difficulties. Dishes, plates and bowls with non skid bottoms are designed for use by persons with limited upper extremity muscle control, the blind or with use of only one hand. The non slip dish will help to keep items from sliding off a table or tray. No slip dishes are great for patients with Parkinson's, people with hand tremors, stroke or other neurological disabilities.
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Non skid, no spill dessert bowl with suction pad.
Non skid, no spill soup bowl with vacuum suction base
Patented no-slip vacuum pad base keeps this beverage holder securely in place on counter tops, trays, table tops.
Large bowl with patented no slip vacuum pad. It won't move!
Patented non-slip vacuum pad stops the scoop plate from moving!
Large divided plate with patented non-slip vacuum pad. It won't move!
Large, non skid cup holder patented vacuum system that secures the cupholder in place.
Contoured rim allows food to be trapped and pushed easily onto utensils.
High rim and reverse curve on one side aids in scooping food onto a utensil without spilling
Ideal for individuals with self feeding problems to scoop food without spilling
Designed to assist children and adults with limited muscle control or the use of only one hand
Put an end to messy accidents caused by sliding dinnerware.
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