No Spill Cups and Mugs with lids or built-in straws designed to help prevent spilling. Choose from various cup and mug and lid styles.

No Spill Cups & Mugs

No Spill Cups & Mugs are designed with a variety of handle styles and lids to allow users to be as independent as possible. Caregivers for loved ones who have difficulty using and handling standard cups or mugs effectively may find these adapted cups and mugs with lids helpful. Users with various disorders, such as tremors, reduced grip, pain or stiffness in the arms, shoulders or neck, loss of vision or loss of sensation can choose from different types of drinking aids with lids to allow them to drink beverages with less spills. Lids with flow control have a button to control air flow and help regulate the amount of liquid that is released. Feeding cups allow users to drink hot and cold liquids lying down. Lids with a small hole to drink from, lids with spouts, lids with a hole for a straw, help people with swallowing difficulties in regulating fluid flow. Cups with lids may help those who have tremors or lack of muscle control by helping to prevent spillage. They may also help those who have slowness of movement by helping to stop heat from escaping from hot drinks too quickly. Finding the right no spill cup for each individual’s needs can make mealtimes much easier for caregivers and their loved ones.
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Heavy cups keep beverages warm or cold.
Large single handle mug with lid and weighted base, helpful for individuals with hand tremors.
Choose cup with Spout Lid or No-Spill Lid.
Allows caregivers to control the liquid flow for users to drink dribble-free while lying down.
Translucent mugs make it easy to monitor liquid intake.
No spill adult sippy cup.
Clear, long single handle cup with two lids that help prevent spills.
$8.95 $7.95
Wide base, double handle mugs made from crystal clear plastic allow monitoring of liquid intake.
Create custom cups with replacement lids for all Independence Cups and Mugs.
Package of 6 replacement spout lids for Independence Cups and Mugs.
Package of 6 no spill lids for Independence cups and mugs.
Fixed delivery amount cup designed for patients with stroke and dysphagia.
$39.95 $37.95
Replacement lid for 5cc Provale Cup.
Brown 10cc replacement lid for 10cc Provale Cups.
Cesigned for users with limited grip, fine motor, cognitive, or upper extremity strength
Drinking aid for a wide variety of users with swallowing disorders.
Dysphagia cup automatically delivers small portions and allows adjusting the portion size
Package of 6 lids.
Drinking aid for people with tremors, limited dexterity, weak grip.
Vacuum spout allows users to control intake
Press the rubber button to release liquid for controlled delivery, safe drinking
Package of 6 replacement lids for Independence Cups and Mugs.
Helps prevent spills and splashes.
Replacement lids for Kinsman cups.
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