Never Lift Again: Our Patient Lift Does All the Work

If you are a caregiver, chances are you do a lot of heavy lifting. Unfortunately, the caregiver profession is one of the mostly likely to cause back problems and other injuries.

It simply doesn’t need to be this way. Much of the time, the reasons in-home caregivers suffer these injuries is because either the right lifting methods or the right lifting equipment is lacking.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has developed techniques and training on patient transfers and lifting over the years. These have increasingly been promoted over the last decade but sadly are still lacking in home environments.

The reason for this is often that people with disabilities or the elderly and their caregivers may not realize what equipment and resources are actually available to them.

OSHA recommends using equipment as opposed to manual lifting, especially if the person needs a great amount of assistance during transfers. The right equipment keeps you the caregiver, as well as the individual being cared for, safer all around.

One of the lifting mechanisms we recommend the most is the Body UP Evolution. With the Body UP Evolution, all you have to do is place the sling seat under the patient while they are still in bed, place the patient in a seated position on the side of the bed, hook the easily locked belts, and turn the small crank handles to lift the patient off the bed.

The magic of the Body UP Evolution is that it holds the patient in a natural seated position, allowing this super small lift system to be used much like a home wheelchair.

With the Body UP Evolution, you’ll be able to:

  • Lift the patient easily
  • Wheel them around the house
  • Transfer them to a sofa, bed, wheelchair, and pretty much any other piece of furniture
  • Transfer them to the car seat (one of the only home lift systems that can do this!)
  • Bathe them or place them over the toilet (if you use the optional Bath/Toilet Cushions)

The Body UP Evolution could work wonders on your daily routine and your back.

The Body UP Evolution has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. For patients heavier than this, the Body UP Evolution Heavy Duty is what you need.

Body UP Evolution Heavy Duty
Body UP Evolution Heavy Duty

The Body UP Evolution Heavy Duty has a weight capacity of up to 308 pounds.

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