My BuckleMate
My BuckleMate (cream) helps make buckling seat belts easier for caregivers.

My BuckleMate

Eliminates floppy seat belt buckles by propping them upright.

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My Buckle Mate
  • Will fit between three passengers in one row.
  • Will not interfere with the vehicle's buckling mechanism.
  • Helps persons providing in home care buckle patients quicker.

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Persons providing care for elderly parents, or persons with mobility challenges, will benefit by installing the My BuckleMate into their vehicle. The My BuckleMate is a simple adaptive product that keeps floppy backseat seat belt buckles propped up and easy to reach. This seat belt buckle aid helps make buckling a rear seat belt easier. Since the seat belt buckle is propped up, you don't have to spend time searching or fumbling around for it!

The My BuckleMate locks in place around the rear seat belt buckle base and will not interfere with the vehicle's buckling mechanism. It locks around the fabric strap that anchors the back seat buckle to the back seat. It does not obstruct the buckle's release button or latch plate. The seat belt buckle aid is easy to install. Place each side around the base of the buckle, lock them together and position the buckle in the best position.

Install two My BuckleMates in adjacent buckle bases to keep both buckles propped up and easy to reach. For people driving cars or SUVs with second or third row bench seats, that have buckle bases that fall into the seat pocket or flop around, the My BuckleMate Seat Belt Aid helps make buckling rear seat belts easier.

My BuckleMate Specifications:

  • Colors: Black or Beige.
  • Dimensions: 4 inches wide, 3 inches deep, 2 inches high.
  • Material: ABS Plastic. Latex free.
  • Package of: Two.
  • Made in: USA!
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