If you are a caregiver for your mother or wife, Mother's Day is a time that you can still show your love and appreciation for her. Or, perhaps your mother is a caregiver for someone in your family. Either way, there are many helpful caregiving gifts that you can give her on this special day in May.

For example, our Cane Expressions Cane Covers make a fun and fashionable statement for your loved one who needs a cane to get around:

Also, a common problem in some long term caregiving situations is skin breakdown. Our Ventopedic Palm Aid contains hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that both attract and expel skin moisture, up to four times faster than regular fabric. This product keeps your loved one's skin at one regulated temperature, which reduces chances of skin breakdown:

Another challenge as a caregiver is ensuring that your loved one bathes regularly and stays clean. Many seniors have mobility issues, and the bathroom can be a hazardous environment for her. Our Large Telescoping Pivot Grip Grab Bar can be easily installed in any bathtub and provide her with total bathroom safety as she gets in and out of the tub:

We hope that these make good Mother's Day gifts for your loved one! For more great Mother's Day gifts, please visit our home page.