Whether this is your spouse, parent, or patient, it's your job to get them to the doctor by 10:30. The person would rather do it by themselves--if they could. They want to; they are motivated. But they simply aren't physically able.

So think of yourself as the assistant. Put yourself in the mindset that they are the ones doing the moving; you're there just to help.

Of course, helpers need all the help they can get. This is why we have mapped out your journey from the bedroom to the doctor's office--with a few assistive products along the way.

Getting Out of Bed

The first order of business for anyone--able or not--is to get out of bed. And if you're not able, it's just that much harder. Bed caddies help folks sit up in bed by themselves. Grips and handles, attachable to the bed, provide a sure grip for standing up. For the more able-bodied, bed canes are available to help with this important task.

On the Move--Independently

For people who use walkers and wheelchairs, there is a wide range of accessories available to make the job easier. Carry pouches and caddies help both walker and wheelchair users carry items independently. Soft grips cushion uncomfortable walker handles and wheelchair rims. There are soft armrests and seatbacks for wheelchairs, as well as cupholders for beverages, and supports to keep appendages from leaving the safety of the chair.

On the Move--With Your Help

Those transitional periods--between bed and wheelchair, between wheelchair and car--can be difficult. How exactly do you grasp them without hurting them? But you want to grasp securely enough that you don't lose control.

The answer: gait and transfer belts. These transfer aids are a type of belt that encircle the waist and hips, giving you a good handle on the transfer process. Many of these assistive devices are comfortably padded to prevent skin irritation.

In and Out of the Car

Isn't this the hardest part? At least in the house, you have shelter and temperature control. But now you're out in the parking lot, in rain, snow, or sun. Don't despair; help is on the way.

Transfer bars, designed especially for vehicles, provide a solid bar for them to grab onto. Swivel seats make that painful job of pivoting in and out of the car seat easier. There are even car seat sliders which assist them in shifting out of the car seat.