Memorial Day, which takes place on the last Monday in May, will be here before you know it.

Did you know that Congress changed the timing of Memorial Day to take place on Monday in order to make sure it would always result in a three-day weekend?

Roots of the potluck tradition

Taking off from work and having fun are not ends in and of themselves, however. The tradition of leisure and eating that now mark our modern celebration has its roots back to a time when relatives of Civil War veterans and others would decorate the graves of the war dead. This sometimes involved having a “dinner on the ground,” or what we would call today a potluck.

Whenever you participate in your community’s potluck or get-together this Memorial Day, now you will be aware of the patriotic roots of this memorial day.

Prepare for your Memorial Day event

Here at The Wright Stuff, we also want you and/or the loved one you are caring for to be prepared to enjoy all the fixings this Memorial Day with the right assistive aids for eating and drinking.

We offer a wide variety of such products, but listed below is a selection of three of our eating aids that are particularly easy to travel with to Memorial Day events with family and friends.

An aid for slippery plates

The Dycem No Slip 8 inch Round Mat is extremely easy to carry around and should fit in most purses or bags. This simple, lightweight disc made of non-slip material keeps bowls, glasses and other objects in place, preventing spills and drops. Simply take it out of your bag and place under your bowl at your next Memorial Day barbecue. The plate will stay in place while you scoop and stab, which is great for those with use of only one arm.

Sticking food just got easier

Speaking of stabbing food, the Hole-in-One Fork takes the trouble out of sticking food for people with reduced fine motor abilities, arthritis or tremors. The whole in the handle makes it very easy to grab.

Eat in style

Many people dress up for Memorial Day in nice clothes, and there’s no reason to risk messing that up. The DinerWear Napkin Bib is great for this purpose for two reasons: 1) its large area size protects shirt and lap sufficiently, and 2) the stylish collar makes it look less like a medical aid and more like a regular napkin or fashionable bib.

In short, you can eat with ease and style this Memorial Day!

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