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MediBeads Hand Wrap
MediBeads Hand Wrap

MediBeads Hand Wrap

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Therapy wrap for hand pain and discomfort, for soothing moist heat or cold therapy applications.
Part Number: ABH34515
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The MediBeads Hand Wrap is a moist heat sleeve that comfortably wraps around your hand to reduce discomfort. This microwavable moist heat sleeve successfully decreases pain in the hand or other small joints caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis.

The MediBeads Hand Wrap features a sleeve design that surrounds the hand completely. Made of durable stretch fabric that is ideal for range of motion finger and wrist exercises. Caregivers will find this sleeve is easy to apply and to help loved ones increase range of motion and ease of movement. The hand wrap may also be used for cold therapy.

MediBeads are microwave activated wraps that provide deep penetrating moist heat for natural pain relief. Simply microwave and slip the sleeve on. Medi-Beads are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They remain odor free and will not support mold, bacteria, or fungi growth.

MediBeads Hand Wrap Specifications:

  • Measures: 5 inches wide, 7 inches long.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in a mild detergent and allow to air dry 24 hours.
  • Material: Non-toxic and latex free.
  • Made in: USA.

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