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Medibeads Compress
Medibeads Compress

Medibeads Compress - Discontinued

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Drap around the neck and shoulders to relieve tension and stress.
Part Number: ABH34150
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The Medibeads Compress was designed to drape comfortably around the neck and shoulders to relieve tension and stress. Use as a wrist rest while typing or place on face to relieve headaches and sinus pressure.

Microwave Activated Moist Heat Wraps provide a naturally occurring therapeutic moist heat treatment that is effective, clean, convenient and economical. Safe and easy to use, the wraps are ready in just minutes. They are washable, odor free, do not dry out or support bacteria growth. No added water, wires, boiling or covers needed. A full range of anatomically designed wraps is available to improve compliance with prescribed range of motion exercise programs.

Medibeads Compress Specifications:

Size: 4 x 22 inches.

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