The AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving recently released a new report that states that a substantial chunk of the 40 million caregivers in the US are millennials.

The report also notes that the typical caregiver is female, about 60%, and has full time employment, about 34%. On average, they provide 25 hours per week of care over about four years.

About 1/3 of Hispanic households have a caregiver, and these caregivers are often dealing with caregiving situations that are more severe than the overall population.

Further, about 1/3 of current caregivers in the US are 50-64 years of age, but a surprising 1/4 of caregivers are under the age of 35. They transport their loved ones, feed them, manage finances, and help them physically around the home.

Men, who often are assumed to not be caregivers, actually are 40% of the current US population of caregivers.

Respondents to the survey also report that many employers are not sympathetic to their caregiving roles. The average income in the US is around $45,000, so caregivers often have financial struggles. They have a hard time finding caregiving support services that are affordable, such as meal delivery, transportation and in home health services.

AARP added in the report that by 2050, there will be just three caregivers available in a family for each person requiring care.

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