Limbkeepers was launched in 2013 by Deborah Vezan, the Founder and President of Limbkeepers products. During her 35 year career as an apparel executive in New York, she was also her elderly parents’ care manager. She saw the need for non-compression knit sleeves and gloves to help protect fragile, thin skin on arms, legs, and hands from impact, abrasions, skin tears, and bruising.

Limbkeepers are seamless, look like everyday apparel, providing non bulky cushioned comfort with moisture management and anti-microbial features to preserve skin integrity and protect limbs from the hazards of everyday life. These comfortable products are multipurpose, giving relief to Raynaud's sufferers, protecting newly healed skin during wound/burn care management, covering dermatological disorders like psoriasis, eczema,scleroderma, medication induced skin conditions, and can be worn under sleeves for arm and leg braces, post surgery healing, sports therapy/rehab and even tattoo cover ups in the workplace. Limbkeepers are proudly made in the USA.

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Comfortable knit sleeves provide protection without compression to protect fragile skin.
Arm sleeves provide cushion without compression to protect fragile skin.