The Caregiver Dilemma

Mom is getting older, perhaps a bit frailer, a tad more forgetful or less agile than in recent months or even from the previous year. And although it seems she would or should recognize that a little extra help would be a prudent idea, she resists. However, as the caregiver, you know that for her to remain safe in her home…alone…certain protocols must be in put into place to keep her protected 24/7.

In-Home Care Agencies: These types of agencies can help your loved one to adjust more quickly when returning home from a hospital or rehab stay. They are also helpful if you feel mom or dad need some extra assistance with daily living tasks that have become challenging, such as showering, dressing or food prep.

Rehab to Home: Transitioning from a rehab facility post surgery or injury can be a major transition for both patient and caregiver. Readjusting to home living may very well create anxiety—rehab provides 24-hour care, nutritious meals, medication reminders, as well as bathing, dressing and general hygiene assistance. So what will happen when your loved one arrives home? Who will make the meals or remind them to take their next dose of medication? Fortunately, products and services are readily available in today's marketplace to alleviate some of these worries.

Prevent Falls at Home: There are many objects and obstacles in the home that can increase the risk of falling—area rugs, unnecessary clutter and slippery floors. If you have noticed that mom is not as steady on her feet, doing a general walk-through of her home, with a critical eye, can help find those potential hazards that should be removed. This is also a good time to check bathroom safety, such as proper skid resistant aids, grab bars inside the shower, as well as toilet safety apparatuses.

Medication Reminders: If mom is starting to become a bit forgetful, how can you be sure she is taking her medications properly and on time? Inappropriate timing and dosages can be dangerous. As the caregiver, there are protocols that you can implement to help keep mom safe with the dispensing of her meds.

Applying any or all of these preventive measures can help provide peace of mind for you and your loved one.

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