Do you have a caregiver in your life, and are not sure what to get her? Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Massage gift certificate - Many caregivers have to spend much of their time physically helping a loved one with a serious disability. This can be very tiring and muscles do get sore and strained. A massage is a wonderful gift for sore and tired muscles.
  • Order a pre-cooked meal - These days, you can have pre-cooked meals delivered to the house of a caregiver. She may be tired from an exhausting day of work, combined with taking care of a loved one. Sending her a pre-cooked meal, even something as simple as a rotisserie chicken, can be a big help.
  • Gift certificate for pedicure - There are all kinds you can get of course, but a gift card for a pedicure is a good idea, given how much time caregivers spend on their feet.
  • General gift cared - Many caregivers may not have much time for shopping, so a gift card from Barnes & Noble or another favorite store can be a real treat.

We also feature all kinds of helpful products for caregivers on our website. Consider these moist heat wraps either for yourself or for your loved one:

MediBeads Hand Wrap

MediBeads Hand Wrap can be a great help for sore hands due to arthritis.