May is Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month and we’d like to take this opportunity to look at a product that could be useful for the your loved one with HD: button aids.

Many people with HD experience loss of muscle control that is usually associated with dystonia. This can make every-day tasks, like getting dressed, difficult. While you may already be helping your loved one with getting ready in the mornings, the more you can allow them to do on their own, the better their health will be and, more importantly, their independence and emotional well-being.

We offer different kinds of button aids depending on specific needs. Generally speaking, button aids have a wire loop that is pushed through the button hole. Then the user pulls the button through the hole, turns the button aid in a clockwise direction (if using right hand), and pushes the button the rest of the way through the hole. Read this small guide to choosing the right button aid for your loved one with HD.

Button aid with weighted handle

Weighted Button Aid

The Weighted Button Aid is ideal for many people with HD, as the weighted handle of approximately 8 ounces helps counter the effects of dystonia and tremors associated with HD. The heavy, vinyl handle holds the hand steady while pulling the button through the hole.

A lightweight handle

Good Grips Button Hook

The Good Grips Button Hook, on the other hand, would be ideal for those who need a lightweight tool for buttoning their shirt. The comfortable Good Grips handle weighs in at no more than 3 ounces and is a practical solution for those with hand weakness.

Two-in-one solution

Button Aid and Zipper Pull

Another lightweight button aid is the two-in-one Button Aid and Zipper Pull. This aid features the loop for buttons on one end, and on the other end, you have a small hook made for putting through zipper tabs. The zipper pull is a nice bonus for those with hand tremors, especially on those pesky pair of pants that always get stuck!

Help your loved one face the effects of HD head on. There are many challenges to be faced. Buttoning and zipping on one’s own may seem small, but in our line of work, we are fully aware that the minute, daily tasks that can be done independently add up and go a long way! We hope our products help!

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