Inspector Gadget is a popular 1980s cartoon that featured a clumsy, but well-meaning cyborg detective. The character had various built in gadgets that fit almost any situation or task. Pop-up roller skates, extensible arms, a magnifying glass, and a helicopter hat are a few of the many gadgets he had on hand to aid in mystery solving and crime fighting. In this article, we are going to list and discuss some gadgets that can help aid your loved one or patient in living independently.

Go go Gadget Arm!

The cartoon character mentioned above had extensible arms to help him reach and grab outside of the normal range. For your loved one who has trouble reaching and/or bending over, there are many reachers on the market that offer support in this area. Some utilize rubber cups, others a trigger lock or rotating claw. All of them are effective in helping you to reach and pick up items without causing you additional pain.

Never forget to take medicine

Automated pill dispensers allow those who have issues remembering to take their medication to maintain a level of independence. These gadgets ensure that the proper pill and dosage is taken at the correct time. An alarm sounds off when it is time for the patient to take their prescription and it doesn't go off until the proper pills are dispensed.

Go go Finger Gadgets!

The simple task of opening the front door can be complex for someone with arthritis, Parkinson's disease, or other conditions that affect the hands. Give them an ergonomic key turner and they will take pride in not having to ask someone to unlock the door. These key turners can be bought in various colors and sizes. The many styles include: hole-in-one, and finger grip.

With the same concept in mind as the key turners, there are also similar gadgets that help those with weak hands or other hand conditions maintain independence inside the home as well. Knob turners are handy items to have in the home to assist with turning the knobs on the oven, dishwasher, and other household appliances. Big lamp switches are a nifty product that have three spokes, making them easier to grip than regular lamp switches. Grip straps make it easy to “fly solo" in the kitchen. These straps can be attached to utensils and kitchen tools, making them easier for those with limited or no grip strength to use or operate them.

A gadget called Type Aid allows those with limited hand function to use the computer keyboard on their own, as well as calculators and adding machines, without causing damage to the keys.

You don't have to have as many tools as the ever-prepared Inspector Gadget, but one or two of these gadgets could help your loved one to hold on to their independence.

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