As a caregiver, you probably know of how Alzheimer's disease can erase your loved one's memory. Familiar surroundings and people become unfamiliar. This disorientation can lead to wandering, which can then lead to your loved one getting lost and getting into dangerous situations.

Now there are solutions to help your wandering loved one and to keep her safe. One of the solutions is to use GPS tracking and a life saving location device to allow you to find your loved one easily. Here are some of the most popular lifesaving location devices for people with dementia.

#1 Project Lifesaver

The mission of this program is to provide quick response to save lives and reduce injury for those who wander due to any form of dementia. Seniors who are signed up for this program are provided with a personal transmitter that is worn on their ankle. If they wander away, the caregiver just calls a Project Lifesaver agency and a team of professionals will respond.

Average recovery time is 30 minutes, and most who wander away are found quickly near the home.

#2 MindMe

MindMe provides you with two devices that can save your loved one's life. One is a location device, and the other one is an alarm. The alarm allows the user to call the response center if there is some sort of emergency, such as a fall.

The locater device is made for people who have dementia. The device is a pendant that can be worn on the neck or put in a pocket. The wearer can be tracked online constantly.

#3 GPS Shoe

If you are nervous about your loved one carrying a pendant or wearing a bracelet, the GPS Shoe could be the answer. This is a tracking device that is in the heel of one shoe. The device can be recharged and sends its signal to a monitoring system so that you can track your loved one on a website. The location is updated every half hour or every ten minutes with the premium subscription.

Watching over someone with dementia can be stressful. With one of these GPS tracking solutions, you should be able to rest easier knowing that you can always know where your loved one is.