GelOvations Gel Walker Handle Covers
GelOvations Walker Handle Covers wrap around and fit over the existing hand grip.

GelOvations Gel Walker Handle Covers

Wrap around the handle grips of traditional walkers.

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  • Soft, easy to clean, highly efficient at distributing pressure.
  • Covers fit right over the existing handle grip.
  • Will not harden or soften in the cold or heat.
The GelOvations Walker Handle Covers are designed to provide the ultimate hand comfort and skin protection for walker users. Caregivers will find these durable, soft gel hand grips helpful for preventing and healing hand sores due to pressure from pushing down on the walker handle grips.

GelOvations Walker Handle Covers are a pair of 5 inch long pads for standard walking frames. The covers are open at both ends and wrap around the side tubes of traditional walkers. The gel pads are applied over the existing hand grips and secure with Velcro®. GelOvations™ products have a rubber with a nylon surface, similar to wet suit material. The polyurethane solid gel pads will not leak out.

GelOvations Walker Handle Covers Specifications:

  • Sold as: One pair.
  • Measure: 5 inches long.
  • Fit: Traditional, U shaped walkers.
  • Material: Medical grade silicone, solid polymer polyurethane.
  • Care: Do NOT put pads/covers in a washing machine.
    Do NOT submerge them in water or agitate.
    Do NOT put in clothes dryer.

    With HEATED DRYING turned OFF, you may wash them in the top rack of an automatic dishwasher. Alternatively, wipe the surface with any normal household soap or cleaning solution that is not irritating and to which you are not allergic.
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