Prescription refills, medication management, appointment scheduling, menu planning, organizing important documents, and managing finances.  The life of a caregiver can be a daunting task.  No need to stress though, "there's an app for that" and even better, they're free,

iPharmacy Pro

If you take care of someone who has frequent medication changes, iPharmacy Pro offers an app that provides full disclosure on meds.  You can find out FDA information as well as the drug's purpose, possible side effects, and any interactions it might have with other medications he/she is taking.


CareZone can aid with multiple tasks:  medication management, symptom documentation, appointment tracking, and storage of provider contact information and important documents.  For those who are sharing caregiving duties with others, it is especially helpful because it allows multiple users to access and share information. Dinner Spinner

Ran out of ideas for dinner?  Let Allrecipes assist you with that.  Three entries (dish type, main ingredient, and desired cook time) and you can receive a list of recipes to choose from.  Too tired to even contemplate those three items?  That's okay, there's a button that you can press that will provide you with random recipes.  Once you find some favorite dishes Allrecipes has made it easy for you to save them on the app, eliminating the need to write them down or print them off. Personal Finance

Managing your own finances is a job, but having to manage your own and that of your loved one or patient can be a headache. can help alleviate some of that stress.  Its app syncs with bank accounts, enabling you to track expenses  and it also offers bill reminders.