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AMCSA Formed Sock Aids with cord handle
AMCSA Formed Sock Aids with cord handle

Formed Sock Aids

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Allows a sock to be slipped over the form and then pulled onto the foot.
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The Formed Sock Aids are easy-to-use dressing aids that help users to put on socks without bending over. Caregivers will find the molded plastic trough keeps the sock open for the user to easily slide their foot in.

The Formed Sock Aids allow a sock to be slipped over the form and then pulled onto the foot. The trough is made of a durable plastic material that holds its shape that is rigid and will not collapse, even when using a heavy elastic sock. A rubber self-adhesive pad is included that can be added to provide a non-slip resistance to the sock. The pad can be placed in the best position for the individual user to prevent the sock from slipping off the form.

The Formed Sock Aids are available with 3 different handle designs. The Single Cord Loop Handle is a braided nylon cord that is continuous. The handle allows people using one hand to easily lower and lift the sock aid. Single handle or continuous loop, will work well for people with the use of only one hand, such as amputees or those suffering from post-stroke hemiparesis. However, for users with depth perception issues this type of handle can be difficult to use. The 2 Foam Handles provide a built-up, soft grip that is more comfortable for people who have difficulty gripping to hold. Users will find this model with two handles requires more coordination to pull the handles upward. The Single Handle with Garter Clips allows the user to attach the garter hooks to the sock or stocking to prevent it from slipping off the plastic form. Users can adjust the length of the cords as needed for the sock aid to reach the floor when the user is in a seated position.

Traditional Formed Sock Aids are easy to use - after a little bit of practice. First, place the sock aid between the knees and pull the sock or stocking aid over the end without straps. Next, place the sock aid out in front of your foot on the floor. While seated, insert your toes into the sock or stocking opening. Pull straight back on the handle until your toes are well in the sock or stocking. When the sock or stocking reaches your heel, pull at an upward angle towards the ceiling in order to move the sock or stocking around your heel. Finally, pull the sock aid out of the sock or stocking and finish pulling the sock or stocking on. Please note that when putting on a sock using a sock aid, the bottom of your foot slides along the bottom of the curved plastic.

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Formed Sock Aid Specifications:

  • Choose model: Single Cord Loop Handle, 2 Foam Handles, Single Handle with Garter Clips.
  • Trough measures: 9.5 inches long, 4 inches wide, 3 inches high.
  • Includes: Self adhesive foam non-slip disc.
  • Color: White.

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