Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher - Discontinued
Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher

Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher - Discontinued

Compact, easy to use fire extinguisher.

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  • Stops fires fast.
  • Simple to use can and spray nozzle design.
  • Biodegradable foam fire suppressant is simple to clean up.
  • More effective than traditional fire extinguishers on most common fires.
  • Contains no CFCs.
  • AFFF Foam UL Certified.
Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher is a single use fire suppressant and is effective on most electric, grease, fabric and wood fires. Cooking mishaps are the leading cause of fires in the home, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Fire Gone is a fire extinguisher disguised as a compact easy to use aerosol can. Just pull the safety tab, aim and squeeze the trigger.

Traditional fire extinguishers are large, heavy, difficult to use, and often challenging for people with arthritis hands. Even though Fire Gone is the size of an aerosol can, it still delivers a strong targeted stream of specially formulated fire fighting foam that goes right to the source of the fire. Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher foam is biodegradable so it is easy to clean up and won't damage surfaces.

Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher Specifications:

  • Diameter: 2 ½ inches.
  • Height: 10 inches.
  • Manufactured: USA.
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