Finger Loop on Salad Fork
Finger Loop on Salad Fork for left handed users.

Finger Loop on Salad Fork

Assistive finger loop helps users eat independently

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  • Adaptive eating utensil helps caregiver patients to eat independently.
  • Finger loop helps improve grip on utensil.
  • Designed specifically for people with decreased hand strength.

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The Finger Loop on Salad Fork has a handle with a loop that helps to stabilize the utensil in the user's hand. This adapted salad fork was developed by an occupational therapist for people who are unable to hold a standard dining fork. Caregivers providing in home care will benefit by adding this eating utensil to their caregiver products. Persons with arthritis, disabilities, or the elderly with little to no hand grip will be able to eat independently by using the Finger Loop Salad Fork.

The loop on the handle of this salad fork helps to guide the user's hand into the proper position. The user places their thumb through the loop and rests the handle in the web of their hand. The handle is dipped in vinyl for a comfortable and secure feel. This stainless steel salad fork is dishwasher safe.

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