Father’s Day is coming up soon, and if you’re still trying to find a gift for the hard-working dad in your life, we have a couple of products that could be just the right fit.

Dads work hard. They work to put food on their family’s table. They work to send their children to college. Many fathers work even more than the standard 40 hours per week. Yet, they never complain. In fact, they often make it all look way easier than it really is.

For many hardworking fathers, back pain is a real issue and is caused by many years of physical exertion. Bring your father the added comfort of our back and lumbar supports.

Back supports can lead to better health

One of our most therapeutic back supports is the OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support. With its upside down T shape, it encourages proper posturing and helps with maintaining the back in a straight position with the head above the shoulders.

Whether your father is driving in the car, working at a desk or eating at the dinner table, the OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support is a great way to keep the back going strong throughout the day’s activities. Ample research and common experience shows that keeping the back in a slouched, curved position on a consistent day-to-day basis can cause long-term health issues with the spine, shoulders and pelvis.

The problem is that it takes strength and stamina to keep the back in the right position through long periods of sitting. Sitting may not seem like physical exertion, but it brings its own unique challenges. The OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support is there for this purpose — to support the spine on long commutes or long days at the office.

A way to relax at the end of the day

While the above support is handy to have around throughout the day, the Contour Back Wedge Cushion with Massage is a special cushion your father can use on the couch or in the bed at the end of the day. Whether relaxing with a book or a sports program or trying to get some much-need shut-eye, the Contour Back Wedge Cushion with Massage is a great way to elevate the upper body, which is known to help with conditions such as acid reflux, hiatal hernia and indigestion.

Plus, place four AA batteries (not included) into the Contour Back Wedge Cushion with Massage in order to use the massage function. It’s a super comfy way to bring an end to the day.

Your father has supported you for so many years. With these spine and lumbar supports, now you’ve got his back.

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