As a caregiver, perhaps you have tried to convince your loved one to wear a bib at dinner time, but he or she simply does not want to. The truth is, even though wearing a bib may be necessary for guarding against embarrassing spills and stains, they seem to stand out when placed on an adult. The adults we care for want to eat in a dignified manner while still preventing stains. We offer some bibs that are made for this purpose. These bibs will do their job without sticking out.

A clear bib is more discrete

The Clear Vinyl Adult Eating Bib with Cuff is a large bib that fulfills a heavy-duty function yet, since it is clear, it will not stand out as much as other bibs. Although the bib is large, it will not look very conspicuous since your normal clothing will still be visible through the bib.

No more tucking napkins under your shirt

Another solution that will allow you to keep up appearances is the very simple Granny Jo Adjustable Napkin Clip. This clip looks like a necklace but has clips to hold a napkin over your shirt or blouse. It stands out much less than a bib, since most people are accustomed to seeing others drape napkins across their shirt while eating. The Granny Jo Adjustable Napkin Clip just makes this practice easier.

Twill bib looks mature and professional

On the other hand, the DinerWear Napkin Bib looks stylish while also protecting the entire shirt and lap area. Made from poly/cotton twill blend material, it is designed to resemble a napkin tucked under the shirt. It snaps securely around the back of the neck and comes in a subdued green or burgundy color. Although they are large, they come across as professional.

A bib that looks like designer clothing

Another large solution to protecting yourself from food stains is the Cravaat Dining Scarf, which doesn’t even look like a bib. The Cravaat Dining Scarf looks like a designer scarf, but it’s real purpose is too keep you clean during dinner. Wear it when you go out to eat, take it off when you’re done, and no one will ever know. It’s a bib incognito!

“I gave this to my Mom for Christmas,” said one of our satisfied customers. “Mom has severe tremors and does not like to eat out or in front of friends. This scarf will let her eat out with more confidence.”

If the person you care for is self-conscious about wearing a bib due to a limiting condition, give them the confidence they deserve by letting them know about our stylish adult bibs.