EzGrip Pen Grips
EzGrip Pen Grips

EzGrip Pen Grips

Helps reduce writing fatigue.

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Dexterity Technologies Corporation
  • Helps prevent cramping, stress and injuries.
  • Requires up to 57% less pressure than standard pens.
  • Can be attached to any pencil, pen, scalpel or any other pencil-like instrument.
The EzGrip Pen Grips allow the user to loosely hold the writing tool without gripping and squeezing. One fingertip placed on the comfort grip with a very light touch is needed for writing. This soft rubber grip reduces grip forces needed to write and can be used on a pencil, pen, scalpel or any other pencil-like instrument. The ergonomic design of these grips allow more control with minimal effort.

The unique design of this grip allows one finger to exert downward pressure for writing and no squeezing is necessary. EzGrip Pen Grips are especially helpful to persons with hand pain, cramping, dystonia, Carpal Tunnel, other repetitive stress injuries, or grip impairment. EzGrips are patented and have been awarded U.S. Utility and Design patents.

EZGrip Pen Grips Specifications:

  • Material: Hypoallergenic rubber compound, latex free.
  • Measurements: 1 1/8 inch in length and 6/8 inch at widest point.
  • Includes: Package of 3 (one of each: blue, yellow, green).
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