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EvoPen, Inc, makers of the EvoPen & EvoOTWare utensils. For more than 30 years Burt Rubin has been designing and inventing consumer products. The EvoPen was the first ergonomic writing pen to receive The Arthritis Foundation Commendation for writing aids. EvoOTWare adapted dining utensils have a patented ergonomic grip that maximizes hand strength for users with limited hand mobility.

Caregiver Products is proud to offer the EvoPen ergonomic writing aids and EvoOTWare ergonomic dining utensils from EvoPen, Inc.
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Unique, intelligently designed, adapted typing aid that is universal and ambidextrous, making it is effective for a variety of users with limited hand dexterity.
Helpful for people who have trouble writing with standard stick pens.
Ergonomic fork, spoon, and knife promote self-feeding
Refills of blue ink for the Evo Pen
Evolutionary writing aid recommended by hand and occupational therapists.