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Evo Pens Package of 2
Evo Pens Package of 2

Evo Pens Package of 2 - Discontinued

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Evolutionary writing aid recommended by hand and occupational therapists.
Part Number: AEP11002
Not for Sale
The Evo Pen writing aid is designed to help eliminate hand pain and cramping when writing. This shape of the pen allows the user to cup the pen in the palm of the hand. When writing, the entire hand is engaged in writing rather than isolated fingers muscles. The adapted writing pen is recommended by hand therapists and occupational therapists for pain-free writing.

The Evo pen is a great gift to yourself or a loved one who has difficulty holding a standard writing pen. When closed it is also useful as a rounded stylus for PDA or keyboard use.

Evo Pens Package of 2 Specifications:

  • Includes: 2 Evo Pens.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Ink: Blue.
  • Optional Refills: 3 per package.

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