Etac is a world-leading developer of ergonomic mobility aids for people at all stages of life – from small children to the elderly. For more than forty years, the Etac group has developed products and services that create possibilities for users and carers. They offer a wide range of solutions for mobility with manual wheelchairs, innovative products for bathing and toileting and aids for daily living, solutions for patient transfers, solutions for pediatric use, and advanced pressure care. All their products are developed in close cooperation with rehab professionals, industrial designers and users.

Caregiver Products is proud to offer transfer aids, body care aids, adapted utensils, and other helpful products designed to facilitate everyday living made by Etac.
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Package of 2 washable washcloths for the Body Care Long Handle Body Washer
Package of 2 replacement cloths for the Body Care Long Handle Back Scrubber
Provides support for a patient during transfers between seated positions.
$449.95 $405.00
Includes 3 grooming aids for independent body care
$22.95 $18.95
Helps users with limited shoulder movement reach & brush hair
Angled, long handle hair comb extends users reach
Adapted cutting board has food spikes and vice for holding foods.
Long handles help make brushing, combing hair easier.
Help hold emery boards, razors or toothbrushes.
Long handle hair washing aid allows users to easily shampoo hair and massage scalp.
Long handle body washer and massager, lightweight and balanced design
Long curved handle helps make back scrubbing, bathing easier.