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Elasto-Gel Therapy Mitten
Elasto-Gel Therapy Mitten

Elasto-Gel Therapy Mitten - Discontinued

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Allows maximum conformity, hot or cold transfer and comfort.
Part Number: TM7001
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Elasto-Gel therapy products are made utilizing a tough, flexible high glycerine gel that is covered with a four-way stretch material that allows maximum conformity, hot and cold transfer and comfort. A single Elasto-Gel product serves for both hot and cold applications.

The Elasto-Gel Hot or Cold Therapy Mitten allows users to apply hot or cold therapy directly to the hand without being uncomfortable. This wrist and hand, heat or ice glove is made of a tough, flexible gel covered with a four-way stretch material, which allows maximum conformity, heat transfer, and comfort. This single product serves both hot and cold therapy applications. Cold: The glove remains soft and flexible at temperatures as low as -20 degrees F. The cold glove will usually numb the treated area within 5 minutes without the severe shock and pain experienced with ice or ice water treatments. The glove will remain cold for 20 to 40 minutes.

Hot: Moist heat quickly penetrates muscles and joints when a warm glove is applied. The glove will continue to provide moist heat for 20 to 30 minutes before it will need to be reheated. Heat helps to restore flexibility and provides excellent therapy for minor injuries during, and after rehabilitation exercises.

Elasto-Gel Hot or Cold Therapy Mitten Instructions

Elasto-Gel Therapy Mitten Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3 inches high, 10 inches wide, 12 inches long.
  • Weighs: 2 Lbs.
  • Includes: One Elasto-Gel Therapy Mitten.

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