Eating Utensil Holders help people that cannot hold forks, spoons or other eating utensils.

Eating Utensil Holders

Eating Utensil Holders provide help to those that cannot hold forks, spoons or other eating utensils. Universal cuffs allow users who are unable to grip to be able to still feed themselves. Large foam handles, handle grips, hand straps designed to make holding eating utensils easier for users with decreased hand strength. Caregivers will find these helpful utensil holders may allow their loved ones to dine without assistance.
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Build up handles on eating utensils, toothbrushes, pens, pencils, tools and other hard to grasp items.
Attaches to phones, cups, bottles, hair brushes and other items.
Utensil pocket with hand strap helps persons with limited grip hold their utensils.
$16.95 $13.95
Provides a firm base for the eating utensil pocket.
Clips to the lip of glasses and cups.
Hand strap with utensil pocket holder..
Mount onto the edge of any glass or cup to keep a drinking straw in position.
An excellent eating aid for people who have trouble grasping and holding small utensils.
Swivel pocket for universal adl cuff allows the user to best position an eating utensil for self feeding.
Universal holder with large plastic base helps users with limited or no grip in self feeding.
Easy to apply for a more secure, non slip grip
Helps people with limited grip hold the Good Grips Utensils.
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