Imagine if you couldn’t use your hands at all. Imagine the inability to grasp any small object. Imagine how this would change your life. We use our hands every day, for even the simplest things, and we often take this for granted. Unfortunately, isn’t a luxury for everyone.

Essential tremors, a movement disorder that can cause involuntary, rhythmic shaking in the hands, affects over ten million people in the United States. It can interfere with fine motor skills, and again, many of the things we take for granted – using utensils, writing, daily life –can be near impossible.

Simply trying to drink a cup of coffee can become an impossible task (thank heavens for straws). As it stands, many people, without caregiver assistance, who are afflicted with the disorder are required to move to nursing homes or to move near other family just to survive. Loving family members need a break too. The E-Z Eat can offer the independence that benefits everyone.

The E-Z Eat was designed to assist care providers of those with Parkinson’s and other diseases that cause essential tremors or disabilities. A ratcheted wheel sits at the base of the product, which controls a small paper-puller that pushes food into the user’s mouth. There are no small parts to have to grasp onto, and no complex setup. Anything that would typically be eaten with the hands can be eaten with the E-Z Eat.

Each E-Z Eat is handmade in Eagle River, Wisconsin, so you can be sure it’s built with quality and performance in mind. In fact, our very own Jack Chopin, the man behind the E-Z Eat LLC, has a degenerative condition, which gives him very little dexterity in his hands. He uses the E-Z Eat and proudly gives it two thumbs up. It’s a well-tested, solid design that quite simply works, and we’re honored to be able to present it to you.

Tremors are something that creeps into a person’s life often without warning, and there’s no way to stop them. It can appear from strokes, sclerosis, brain injuries, Parkinson’s, and other afflictions. It’s an unfortunate circumstance. Some helpful items are spoons that use Hollywood-style stabilization tech, to simple rubber handle that’ll work on anything, and the E-Z Eat. People are given the opportunity to live life with a sense of normality. That’s worth striving for, and that freedom is what we want people around the world who suffer from tremors to achieve.