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Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid Kit
Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid Kit

Easy Sock Aid Kit

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Helpful for users who have difficulty putting on or taking off socks.
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The Easy Sock Aid Kit assists individuals who have difficulty bending to put on or take off their socks in improving their independence. This easy to use sock slide kit is designed to allow users to put on socks and remove socks easily, and without bending over. This is the patented, original model that is high quality and will provide years of reliable use.

The Easy Sock Aid Kit includes the Easy On Sock Aid and the Easy Off Sock Aid. The Easy On Sock Aid is a U-shaped half cylinder mounted at an angle on a flat base. The base has a hook for positioning the Easy Off Sock Aid. The Easy Off Sock Aid consists of a shaft with an end piece that has two prongs with a curved loop in between. It can be used to remove light compression garments as well.

Easy On Sock Aid Kit Specifications:

  • Included: One Easy On Sock Aid and one Easy Off Sock Aid.
  • Easy On Sock Aid Measures: 9.5 inches long, 4 inches wide, 6.5 inches high.
  • Easy On Sock Aid Weighs: 26 ounces.
  • Easy Off Sock Aid Measures: 18.9 inches long.
  • Easy Off Sock Aid Weighs: 12 ounces.

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