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Dott Products is a custom converter of cellular foam, non-woven polyester media, and plastic products designed for a wide variety of applications. Their family owned and operated business is conveniently located in Avon, Ohio and has grown to fulfill the needs of customers throughout the United States.

Dott Products manufactures a wide variety of medical products for medical supply manufacturers and distributors. Many of our products are used to improve patient comfort and assist with their daily care and are commonly used by physical and occupational therapists. Products include:

Aids for Daily Living (ADL) items: bath sponges, suction brushes, knee separators, memory foam bed overlays, sheepskin bed pads, lotion applicators, bath mats, ring cushions, padded elbow sleeves, wheelchair gel padding.
Orthopedic Padding: moleskin, felt, foam rubber, closed cell foams, sherpa, visco foams.
Exercise & Therapy: Foam rollers, rocker boards, balance beams, visco therapy blocks, positioning rolls & wedges.

Caregiver Products is proud to offer aid for daily living Dott Products.
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U-shaped metal tubing long handle with attached bath brush allows users to maximize pressure for scrubbing their back.
Bag of 3 replacement sponges for the Extended Lotion Applicator handle.
Long ergonomic handle with an attached soft foam applicator pad and two additional pads for applying lotion, creams.
Curved handle, round or contoured sponge with large handle grip helps make bathing easier.
Choose from Round or Contoured Sponges with large grip handles that fit comfortably in the hand.
Round or Contoured Sponges with handles that can be bent for increasing bathing independence.
Bath sponge on long handle holds soap for bathing.
Scrubbing sponge on long handle for bathing independently for users who have difficulty reaching.
Great for one-handed cleaning.