Does your loved one have arthritis? Do you have trouble detecting when they are in pain?

Then you’re in the right place. Detecting and treating pain appropriately is no small feat, and we’re going to give a few tips and tricks to get you started.

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Techniques for detecting pain

Most of the time, people don’t like to admit to or talk about their pain.

That’s why it’s important to ask up front but in a non-threatening manner. Ask your loved one to rate their pain on a scale of one to ten, because it’s a way to show them you really want to know how they are feeling and are not simply asking to be polite. And believe them when they tell you they are in pain. If you don’t believe them, they’ll stop letting you know. Also, consider your loved one’s body language and behavior changes.

Managing pain with hot and cold therapy

Cold packs and hot packs are actually better than a lot of people realize.

The reason is that we tend to use hot and cold therapy only sporadically, such that we’re always grabbing the first thing we find, like a clunky bag of ice.

But if we look at things differently and think of hot and cold therapy as just that — therapy — than we can see how important it is to do it right with the right equipment. We particularly have in mind those who experience pain due to arthritis stiffness and inflammation

WebMD suggests that either cold or hot therapy, or a combination of the two can really help relieve arthritis pain symptoms. This is because cold therapy constricts blood vessels and numbs inflammation, while hot therapy dilates blood vessels, increases comfort and reduces joint stiffness.

Cold therapy

Proto-Cold Cold Therapy Wraps and Pads
Proto-Cold Cold Therapy Wraps and Pads

For effective cold therapy, try our Proto-Cold Cold Therapy Wraps and Pads. The shoulder pad, back pad and/or eye wrap need only be refrigerated and placed on the hurt area when needed. No towels necessary due to the soft, comfortable covers that come with these wraps and pads.

Hot therapy

Bed Buddy Hot Cold Pack
Bed Buddy Hot Cold Pack

Heat the Bed Buddy Hot Cold Pack in the microwave and enjoy the stretchiness and loop handles that make this versatile hot pack easy to use in any number of ways. Again, no towel necessary. And the Bed Buddy Hot Cold Pack can also be refrigerated to serve as a cold pack.

We hope this brief introduction to pain detection and the wonders of hot and cold therapies will help you help your loved one and possibly manage pain while avoiding over-the-counter medicine. Encourage your loved one to discuss these issues with their doctor.

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