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CPR Shield Call Blocker
CPR Shield Call Blocker

CPR Shield Call Blocker - Discontinued

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Raise the shield and protect your phone line
Part Number: CPR312
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The CPR Shield Call Blocker was designed with one goal in mind, to raise the shield and defend your phone line. This Call Blocker is easy to install and comes pre-loaded with 2000 nuisance phone numbers. This device also blocks calls from international, withheld, unavailable, out of area, and fake spoof numbers. CPR Shield Call Blocker removes the annoyance of repeated calls from any unwanted automated number.

The CPR Shield Call Blocker is a smaller, easy to use call blocking device designed to stop nuisance, scam, robo, and other unwanted phone calls. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centers and automated sales lists are all pre-programed, which will minimize the sales calls immediately. When an unwanted phone call is received, simply press the big red "BLOCK NOW" button and the Shield will add the number into the unit’s memory, the call will hang up and the number is blocked permanently. This feature allows up to 1500 unwanted numbers to be blocked. callers. This call blocking device is quick and simple to connect, and does not require a separate power source. The CPR Call Blocker Shield provides protection from nuisance phone calls.

CPR Call Blocker Shield User Guide

CPR Shield Call Blocker Specifications:

  • Choose Color: Matte Black, Gloss Black, Gloss White.
  • Includes: 2000 pre-programed robocall numbers.
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces.
  • Measures: 5.3 inch diameter, 1 inch high.
  • Line Compatibility: Compatible will all major USA landline providers, including AT&T, Verizon, Ooma, Charter, Comcast, Century Link, Frontier, Fairpoint, Windstream, Hawaiian Telcom, Cincinnati Bell etc.
  • Phone Compatibility: Compatible will all major landline phone manufacturers including, AT&T, Panasonic, Uniden, Motorola, VTech, Swissvoice, Gigaset, Philips etc.
  • Note: Caller ID services from your network provider is required for this product to function.

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