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Oxygen tank holders from Comfort Solutions, makers of To2te® oxygen cylinder holders. The saying goes that "necessity is the mother of all invention". Such is the case with TO2TE® Oxygen Cylinder holders. The inventor was helping to care for his mother, who needed both a walker and oxygen. He found that she often would have to wait for a health care worker to come and push her oxygen cylinder for her just to go to breakfast, lunch or dinner. After seeing the situation, the TO2TE® was born. This simple device changed her life. She was able to move about freely, on her own timetable and not have to wait or depend on others. TO2TE® Oxygen Cylinder holders have been developed to accommodate the following cylinders sizes: “E”, “D”, and “M6/B”. The 1200 family, which can either be used on a two wheeled walker or a wheelchair which accommodates an "E" size cylinder.

According to Comfort Solution's research, there are significantly more than one hundred thousand seniors who require the assistance of someone else -- whether it be a family member or nursing home staffer -- to perform simple tasks. All due to the limited mobility of oxygen cylinders. In addition, the oxygen "caddy" requires a hand to operate, severely limiting the ability of users to move it about.

With TO2TE®, users of wheeled walkers have the freedom to move about alone. This results in increased independence for the user, reduced staffing needs for assisted living facility, and a more mobile lifestyle.
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Rigid material in the rim of the carrier makes it easier to insert the oxygen tank.
$35.95 $25.95
Allows rolling walker users to easily carry an E size oxygen tank cylinder.
Helps users maneuver an oxygen tank and a rolling walker at the same time.
Tips simply fit over the rubber tips on the back legs of a walker.