National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Posted by Matt on 6/7/2015 to In The Kitchen

Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! We may never settle the debate over whether chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream is better, but what we do know is that chocolate ice cream is awesome and that we have the daily living aids you need to properly enjoy this comfort food.

Difficulty scooping ice cream

For people with Parkinson's disease or other conditions that limit muscle control and strength, eating ice cream can be a challenge. Very often the bowl slips around on the table. This happens especially when the ice cream is firm right out of the freezer. Furthermore, it is often difficult to scoop the ice cream up the side of the bowl, especially if the user is limited to one hand. The ice cream will simply spill over the side of the bowl onto the table, causing a mess. Chocolate wasted is unacceptable! Let us help you save every drop with these adapted bowls.

Dessert bowl with no slip vacuum pad

Freedom No Slip Dessert Bowl
Freedom No Slip Dessert Bowl

The Freedom No Slip Desert Bowl is perfect for eating chocolate ice cream, or any flavor of ice cream for that matter. The patented Non Skid, No Spill Vacuum Pad keeps the bowl from slipping around on the table while the user dives in for a bite. No more having to hold the bowl firmly with a second hand. This also allows for easier scooping, especially considering the high sides of the bowl. For caregivers, this can mean the difference between needing to feed your loved one versus giving them the opportunity to eat independently. This bowl measures 4.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches high.

No slip bowl with curved lip

Scooper Bowl
Scooper Bowl

The Scooper Bowl also has a vacuum suction pad base and measures 4.5 inches in diameter, but it has a special reverse curve on one side to facilitate easy scooping. This curved lip enables the user to scoop all the way up the side of the bowl and push the ice cream or other food over onto the spoon. This means the user does not have to tilt the bowl, which many with Parkinson's disease and other conditions find difficult. No more scooping up the ice cream only for it to fall out onto the table.

No excuse to eat more chocolate ice cream should go unnoticed! Kick back and relax on this fine Sunday afternoon with a bowl of your favorite comfort food. If you find these no slip, easy scoop bowls interesting, be sure to get yours today and share with friends!

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