Arthritis is painful and difficult to deal with, so if you are caring for a loved one with this disease, keep the below tips in mind. No matter if your loved one suffers from traditional osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, these tips can help.

#1 Take Medications

Medications can help to manage arthritis pain, but many older people may forget to take their medication on time. Or, they may only want to take the drug when the pain is really bad. As a caregiver, you should be very familiar with your loved one's medications. That way you can ensure that they are taking it as they should and their symptoms are well under control.

Note that many seniors also have difficulty with getting their medications open. So, you may want to put the pills in another container that is easier to open. Try this Easy Open Vials Red 4-Pack:

#2 Strengthen Muscles

Your loved one can alleviate joint pain by strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints. Her doctor or physical therapist should be able to suggest exercises that you can do with your loved one to improve joint strength.

#3 Plan for Exercise

Anyone who has serious arthritis pain should have a diet and exercise plan. Keeping weight under control is very important to reduce pain. As a caregiver, you can help your loved one to exercise often so they can keep their weight under control.

#4 Accessibility

Be sure that the home is easily accessible for an older person with arthritis. Keep rooms free of clutter, and do not have too much bulky furniture in a room, so your loved one can move around easily.

One idea is to keep scissors around for her to open packages. Pain and inflammation from arthritis can make opening various items very difficult. Having a good electric can opener is also very important.