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Standers Car Caddie provides a helpful support for car transfers.
Standers Car Caddie provides a helpful support for car transfers.

Standers Car Caddie

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Helpful support strap makes car transfer easier for caregivers
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The Standers Car Caddie offers users a support strap for getting in or out of a car, van or truck. Caregivers will find the handle provides a helpful assist for loved ones when they need assistance in or out of a vehicle.

The Car Caddie is made of quality nylon construction and loops around the car window. The strap adjusts in length to accommodate varying heights of vehicle windows. The figure-eight style strap has a cushioned grip handle that is comfortable to grip. The sturdy strap provides security and assistance for users when entering and exiting an automobile.

The Car Caddie does not require permanent installation and can be easily transferred for use in other vehicles. The strap is intended to act as a means for balance and support, and is not intended to carry the full weight of an individual. Maximum weight bearing capacity of the Car Caddie is 250 pounds.

To install the Car Caddie in a vehicle, simply roll the window down enough to loop the strap around the top frame of the window. Then snap the buckle closed and adjust the length so you can reach the handle while seated. Position the strap along the frame in the most effective position that provides maximum assistance. Roll the window up to secure the Car Caddie in place.

Standers Car Caddie Specifications:

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