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Arm Positioning Important for Wheelchair Users

We know now more than ever that wheelchair positioning is vital for long-term health. Retain healthier wheelchair posture with these special armrests and pads.

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Button aids help for those with HD, dystonia

During this Huntington's Disease Awareness Month, we'd like to take a look at some button aids useful for people experiencing tremors.
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7 Quick Ways to Rev Up Your Energy Level

Caregiving can be tiring work, in addition to our other duties. Here are some tips to increase energy.
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Spend time with her this Mother's Day

Read strategies and tools for celebrating Mother's Day in spite of Alzheimer's or dementia. Now's the perfect time to create new memories.
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Mother's Day Ideas for Your Loved One!

It's almost Mother's Day, here are some gift ideas for your loved one.
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Providing Care to a Loved One With Arthritis

There are some things that you can do to help better care for a loved on with arthritis.
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