It’s May, the sun is shining, and what a great time it is to enjoy the simple things in life, namely, Barbecue Month. There is nothing better than smelling that rack of dry rub ribs smoking slowly in the back yard or the sizzling sound of hamburger patties over a charcoal flame.

Indeed, pouring our favorite blend of savory barbecue sauce on a rib or smoked chicken leg next to a hot bed of crispy french fries and hardy baked beans is enough to make our mouths water and dive into an eating frenzy.

But wait! Before you get started, remember, you must at least appear to be civilized to your guests. It’s already difficult enough to eat barbecue without making a mess, but if you add to that the difficulty of having to feed it to someone else, accidents are impossible to avoid. Owning a heavy duty bib is essential for the barbecue connoisseur.

Absorbent bibs stop liquid messes

Our Adult Terry Bibs measure 18 by 30 inches and are made of absorbent poly cotton terry cloth with a waterproof vinyl backing to protect against bleeding through and staining clothes. Choose Adult Terry Bibs with either snap or Velcro closures.

Add some color to spring!

If you want your loved one to eat in style, you may want to opt for the Printed Clothing Protector, which is also made with terry cloth over a waterproof backing. Choose your favorite color: navy, rose or green. The Printed Clothing Protector attaches around the neck by a Velcro-like hook-and-loop closure.

Disguise stains with colorfast fabric

For even greater variety, we sell the Adult Size Blue Terry Cloth Bib, which also has a water proof backing and attaches with Velcro. This bib’s signature feature is its colorfast navy fabric, which maintains its color in spite of hard stains like spaghetti stains.

A bib to put on effortlessly

For stylish alternatives to adult bibs, the ALTERNATIVE CLOTHING PROTECTORS might be the solution. Clothing Protectors stylish alternatives to adult bibs specially designed to provide comfort and durability while absorbing spills.

A napkin isn’t tough enough for kids!

While all of these bibs are for adults, we haven’t forgotten the children! If you are looking for a bib that will stay on your child through thick and thin, consider our Youth Clothing Protector. It is best to use on children ages 4 to 12.

Get out there and smell the springtime blooms. Or better yet, the aromatic goodness of an outdoor grill in full operation! With one or more of these bibs, you will be prepared for this month of festive barbecue celebration.