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Pair of comfortable slippers for therapeutic moist heat or cold application for pain relief
$54.95 $44.95
Combination button and zip tool with large, soft handle that is more comfortable to grip.
$16.95 $14.95
Large 10x13 gel hot & cold pad for relieving pain in large muscles
Comfortable sleeve with 2 gel pads provides protection and light compression for the foot and ankle.
Helpful information for caregivers of elderly parents.
$14.95 $12.95
Provides comfort, warmth, and sensory stimuation to increase brain activity, calm fidgeting hands.
$49.95 $45.95
Fragrance free, natural ingredients help repair skin cracks, soothes itching, specifically formulated for Diabetic skin care.
$15.95 $9.95
Unique buttoning and zipping tool that does not require gripping.
Comfortable, built up handle ideal for people who have limited hand strength and struggle with buttoning.
Slip on soft gel pads provide comfortable cushioning for sensitive fingers and toes.
9 piece ergonomic tableware set designed to promote independent eating, made for individuals of all ages.
$74.95 $49.95
Manual lift lets users and caregivers safely maintain the best ergonomic moving and handling conditions
Additional strap for the Etac Molift Raiser, designed to add extra support when raising a person during a sit to stand transfer.
70% ethyl alcohol formula meets the CDC guidelines for healthy hand hygiene.
Comfortable, rechargeable device providing targeted vibration therapy that aids in pain relief from migraines, headaches and sinus pain.
Delivers infrared light energy deep into the tissue of the feet, relaxes muscles, improves circulation, provides pain relief.
Antiseptic non-sterile topical solution packaged in a clear bottle with easy to dispense top, produced in conjunction with the FDA, WHO & TTB disaster relief regulations.
Magnifier for reading small type in low light at home or on the go.
Package of five washable, reusable, soft fabric face masks, made in USA.
Washable fabric face masks made in USA.
Sliding seat allows users to get in and out of the tub easily.
$300.00 $251.00
Easy to attach armrest provides comfortable arm and hand support for bath bench users.
No-sew solution converts shirt buttons into magnetic closures, help users overcome button challenges, restore dressing independence.
Zippered, removable cover for the Hermell Knee Rest Pillow FW4010
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