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Easy storage and display of the state mandated handicap placard.
Floor to ceiling support pole makes transfers from a seated position to a standing position easy!
Versatile support bar that aids in transfers.
Helpful information for caregivers of elderly parents.
$14.95 $12.95
Makes transfers from a lying down to sitting up in bed position to a standing position easy!
Transfer pole provides extra support when standing for people up to 450lbs.
Durable aluminum support handle with soft foam grip helps make standing up from a sofa, couch or bed easier.
Adjustable arms provide support for safely standing up and sitting on a sofa, couch or bed.
Adjustable height bed safety step combined with hand rails helpful for decreasing the risk from falling for users who have difficulty getting in and out of bed.
ADA approved, wall mount, extra wide, spa inspired wooden shower seat provides a convenient place for users who fatigue easily to comfortably sit while showering.
$889.00 $862.00
Extended height ergonomic handle helps make pushing and controlling wheelchairs easier.
Portable, easy to use, multipurpose, personal toilet tissue aid and hygiene tool ideal for travel.
Extra long multipurpose personal toilet tissue aid with hand strap for users with limited mobility.
Adapted cheese slicing tool with upright handle attached to a slotted blade.
Adapted cutting board with safety guides helps users with impaired vision, limited hand function or dexterity to safely slice foods.
Includes two wireless call buttons and a medical alarm pager for the caretaker.
Simple design, easy to see and easy to use big button universal tv controller
Heavy duty versatile floor to ceiling pole with support bar for users weighing up to 450 pounds.
Floor to ceiling support pole fits angled ceilings, increases safety for transfers
70% ethyl alcohol formula meets the CDC guidelines for healthy hand hygiene.
Antiseptic non-sterile topical solution packaged in a clear bottle with easy to dispense top, produced in conjunction with the FDA, WHO & TTB disaster relief regulations.
Magnifier for reading small type in low light at home or on the go.
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