Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush - Discontinued
Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush has a large grip, non-slip handle.

Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush - Discontinued

Three brush heads clean tooth surfaces effectively.

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Benedent Corporation
  • Three brush, flexible head design.
  • Large, non slip grip handle.
The Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush has a unique three brush, flexible head design which allows users to clean all three tooth surfaces while it removes plaque buildup and stimulates the gums. This toothbrush brushes all surfaces of each tooth right every time almost automatically.

The Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush is accepted by the American Dental Association. The bristles completely surround the teeth, and automatically adjust to tooth contours, lengths and widths. It makes brushing easier, faster and better. This adapted toothbrush is accepted as an effective cleansing device that has been shown to remove plaque and reduce gingivitis when used as directed in a program of good oral hygiene to supplement regular professional care.

Benefit 3D Clean Toothbrush Specifications:

Overall length: 7 inches.
Handle length: 4 1/2 inches.
Width: 1 inch wide at ends, tapered in center.
Colors: Blue, purple, green, pink assorted. (Sorry, no color choice).
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