The issue of caregiving in this country has become a serious matter that deserves our attention. The fact is, most caregivers are unpaid family members who are also juggling a full-time job.

The scarcity of funds and insurance for home care, especially for the elderly, puts many people in tough situations. Family members must carry the load themselves or pay others.

When faced with paying out of pocket for home care, there are a variety of ways you can cut costs. Paying for your loved one’s independence is worth it, but of course, you want to save as much as possible.

If you are paying out of pocket, one of the best pieces of advice we can give is, don’t pay for what you don’t need. Restructure your caregiver schedule in order to have caregivers on hand at the most important times of the day or week.

Look for new ways to be independent

For all those other times, try to think of ways your loved one can do things on their own. This will make them happier and give them more control. Our job is to help you find the daily living aids that really can make all the difference. While there are activities of daily living for which your loved one absolutely requires personal assistance, they may be able to do many other activities on their own with little to no help from others.

Make going to the bathroom easier

In this article, let’s look at toilet seat cushions and risers that can make going to the bathroom an independent process for your loved one.

The Padded Vinyl Toilet Seat Riser raises the toilet seat by 2 or 4 inches, making sitting and standing a much safer endeavor. The padded foam cushion helps relieve pain and pressure points.

The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat offers the extra feature of being able to raise the seat riser along with the regular toilet seat, which helps keep it cleaner.

Those who have suffered hip injury or have undergone hip replacement surgery will find the Tall-ette Elevated Toilet Seat more comfortable than a regular toilet seat and the other seat risers. The Tall-ette Elevated Toilet Seat is specially designed to prevent hip adduction and internal rotation.

If you only wish to raise your toilet seat without having to deal with extra cushions, the Easy Toilet Riser is a permanent installation that stays under the entire toilet and out of your way.

The Akton Polymer Commode Seat Pad is made simply to make sitting on hard toilet seats a more comfortable experience through the advanced padding designed to relieve pressure and shear.

Consider which of these toilet seat aids is right for your loved one, and feel free to browse through our other articles on daily living aids to give your loved one more independence and reduce costs on attendant care or over-priced medical equipment.