Bath and Shower Chairs can help provide independent bathing.

Bath & Shower Chairs

Sometimes, all that is needed for someone to remain independent is a bath and shower chair. Bath and shower chairs can provide a means for independent bathing.
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Reduces pressure experienced during transfers and showers.
Sliding seat swivels to make getting into a bathtub easier.
$242.95 $209.95
Tub mount seat slides and swivels, helps make tub transfers in small bathrooms easy and safe.
Just sit, swivel, slide and shower!
$314.00 $251.00
Makes transferring in and out of the bathtub easier.
48-49 inch base for tubs wider than standard, and transfers over longer distances.
Enables the user to stand with minimal bending of the hip.
$160.00 $134.00
Eases the transfer into a bathtub.
Pair of arm rests
Designed for bathing, toileting and other environments where grab bars are found.
Easily folds down to provide a comfortable place to sit when showering.
$429.00 $419.99
Spa inspired wooden shower seat.
$545.00 $490.95
Tub transfer bench with back and arms, for those who have difficulty entering or exiting the tub safely.
Conveniently sized to fit small spaces.
Durable, rustproof bath seat provides a safe comfortable seat while showering
Hook less adapted shower curtain for transfer benches
Hook less adapted shower curtain for transfer benches.
Reclining tub chair with padded seat and backrest.
Longer model transfer bench for easy bathtub access.
Lightweight bathtub seat can be disassembled for travel or storage.
$158.95 $149.95
Versatile toilet chair with spring loaded seat lift makes toileting easier and safer.
Lightweight, rustproof aluminum frame.
Sliding transfer bench for caregivers of those with limited mobility.
Removable center section in seat for easy access for personal hygience care
Provides maximum stability for larger individuals for bathroom safety
Transfer seat helps users get in and out of the tub.
Cushioned seat and back for increased comfort
$217.00 $203.00
Inflatable bathing cushion that is ideal for users who have difficulty getting in and out of a bathtub
Comfortable, easy to install, and easy to operate bathtub lift.
Elevating bath lift with battery powered compressor for children.
Pivoting easy transfer wall mounted assistance tub lift
Solid and comfortable surface for sitting, decreases fall risks in the shower
New extra long model for transferring between the bathtub and toilet
Long base model helps make tub transfers easier
Cushioned seat and back for increased comfort, armrests for added support
$251.00 $211.00
Swivel seat with removable cut out center section for personal care
Provides maximum stability for larger individuals.
Innovative design padded seat tub transfer bench helps users safely transition in and out of a bathtub.
Contemporary bath safety chair with padded seat and back rest allows users to shower or bathe in comfort while avoiding slips and falls.
Textured bath safety stool with padded cushion seat and height-adjustable legs adds safety and comfort to any bath or shower.
Removable back and arms assist in sitting or standing and makes personal hygiene easier.
ADA approved, wall mount, extra wide, spa inspired wooden shower seat provides a convenient place for users who fatigue easily to comfortably sit while showering.
$889.00 $862.00
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